Private Nutrition Counseling or Medical Nutrition Therapy, if your goal is to manage a specific illness through diet as recommended by your doctor, aims to improve quality of life and reduce or prevent symptoms. Together, we will explore concerns specific to you and discover the tools you need to reach your goals.  Nutrition programs are personalized and catered toward your busy lifestyle and needs.
*As a result of Health Care Reform, your health insurance policy may cover Medical Nutrition Therapy.


- Initial Nutrition Assessment (60-90 minutes): Comprehensive review of medical, weight, diet and exercise history, food preferences, goals and challenges

- Nutrition education

- Simple personalized eating plan including specific menus and meal guidelines tailored for your needs and medical concerns, time-saving tips, tips for eating out, grocery lists and recipes, supplement recommendations as needed

- Follow-up sessions (30-45 minutes) are scheduled on an as needed basis. In general, I find that meeting every 2-4 weeks in the beginning is beneficial for solidifying a new eating plan and adhering to realistic goals. Follow-up sessions are used for goal setting, plan modification, nutrition education, coaching and support