My passion for nutrition started at an early age.  I have always believed in the healing power of food and would opt for the slow, conservative route of healing an illness through natural methods as opposed to medication (unless absolutely necessary!).    I began my career in a clinical setting specializing in diabetes and kidney disease.  Practicing in a hospital setting was extremely valuable, but I always dreamed of working with people on a more personal level.  Due to personal circumstances, I left the field of Dietetics after a few years and ventured into the hospitality industry where I worked on the finance/revenue management side of the business - this involved years of long stressful hours as I struggled to keep up with self-care.  Although I enjoyed many aspects (and travel perks!) of the hotel business, I knew I would eventually return to Nutrition, my true passion.   The experience taught me that we must make our health a priority as best we can, especially during challenging  life circumstances.  

We will always experience a certain amount of stress, but it is how we choose to manage it that makes all the difference.   In 2009-2010, I started to experience fatigue, insomnia, digestive distress, and I was constantly getting colds.   I decided to explore the underlying cause of the issues and was not surprised when all arrows pointed to gut dysbiosis.  I spent many months restoring my digestive tract to optimal function through diet and supplementation (the slow, conservative route!).   Even though it was challenging at first to adhere to all the restrictions, it worked!  It was also a blessing in disguise as it was just what I needed to make the switch back to practicing as a Registered Dietitian. 

Before starting my private practice in 2014, I practiced at Mandolean eating disorder clinic here in NYC and taught culinary classes at The JCC Manhattan.  In addition, my experience with digestive health has led me to collaborate with DrJonathan Aviv, one of the leading authorities on the diagnosis and treatment of acid reflux disease, and author of The Acid Watcher Diet.     Now, in private practice, I use a Functional Nutrition approach and provide nutrition counseling to clients with a specialized focus on digestive health, weight management, eating disorders and diabetes management.